I had a great experience there yesterday.  I had tried a whitening treatment at my dentist a couple of years ago and was completely underwhelmed.  My teeth only got a couple of shades lighter.  So I went into this with fairly low expectations.  But, Teresa got my teeth 10 shades whiter in 30 minutes! It was amazing! And I have had absolutely no sensitivity.  If you are debating going here, it is most definitely worth it!

Lauren J.


Teresa was awesome. Going to see much more of her in the future. Thank you.

The Olsons

A big thank you to Your Perfect Smile for giving me my perfect smile! I was pleased at how quick and easy (and painless) the process was. And the results are outstanding!!! My teeth are 6+ shades whiter after the treatments.  I did get a teeth whitening kit through my dentist some years ago, and that process was a pain...And the results weren't nearly what I attained with Your Perfect Smile.  Teresa is awesome. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing. I highly recommend Your Perfect Smile to anyone and encourage all of you who have been thinking about it to JUST DO IT!!!You won't be disappointed!

Terrie L.

People make all the difference! The owner (Teresa) is that difference with customer service, and delivering a positive experience.

In my opinion she is very supportive and has lots of fun when helping people with their smiles.  She calls your whiter teeth "The WOW factor".

It is a wow experience with the change before and after.  No messy follow up, no sensitivity, and great value.

Thank you!

Dr. Fred. D.

I really liked this teeth whitening process!  I've been skeptical of teeth whitening because of my tooth sensitivity issues.  My teeth are SO sensitive that I have to use sensodyne toothpaste exclusively.  So when I met Teresa and she told me what she does, I was very hesitant.  But honestly, no pain whatsoever! What I liked is that it only took 15 minutes and in my case I opted to go an additional 15 minutes and still no problems and now my teeth look awesome!  It's lasted too!  I highly recommend Teresa, she's an expert at this!

Evie H.

Absolutely LOVED this experience! Teresa, the owner, was a job to work with! She did an amazing job, and left me with my "perfect smile" just after 30 minutes! Her Program is so much easier compared to those at-home kits you buy. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a gorgeous smile! Best part is there's no mess and NO sensitivity after.  Thank you Teresa!!

Ashley D.

Wow I was so impressed with how quick and easy it was to whiten my teeth about 10 shades lighter until I reached my perfect smile! And Teresa was able to come to my house for the second treatment.  Thank you for your sensitive and professional ways-you are fab! I feel beautiful and wished I would have done this years ago.

They whitened my son's teeth so he could have a bridge put in.  Previously he was using trays from his dentist which was burning his mouth.  He was so very relieved that he had a better option with Your Perfect Smile treatment. The treatment was pain free with quick 15 min. sessions! His dentist was also very pleased with how white they were able to get his teeth. So as a family, we are so very grateful for your service and will pass on to others your wonderful business!

Becky D.

Awesome Job Teresa.  After meeting Teresa at a local event earlier this week, I wanted to support her and her business and try their teeth whitening program.

This morning I completed the double session and achieved impressive results.

If you are ok with being slightly uncomfortable for 15-30 minutes while your coffee, red wine, tea and other assorted stains are erased from your teeth, then this is a perfect program for you.

Easy, painless and priced right...delivering great results.

I will be sending friends, clients and colleagues to see Teresa.

Great Job. Thanks.

Todd F

Service with a huge smile.  Teresa knows exactly what to do and truly does deliver noticeable results.

A 30 minute session is so much better than fidgeting with those coated strips from the drug store.  And she shows you the progress you make as you go.  I was impressed how my teeth were visibly whiter at the end of each session.

I must admit I appreciated the privacy screen at my side: I'm sure I wasn't to photogenic as I sat there.  All worth it in the end.  Thank you Teresa.

Elaine W.

Teresa is awesome. Not only did she whiten my teeth, but she brightened my day. I didn't come to the office, she came to me.  What better service can you get. My daughter had her teeth whitened also, and is very happy with her results.  We used tray whiteners, but they have to stay in overnight and leave my teeth extremely sensitive.  At A Perfect Smile, 15 minutes is all you need. And no sensitivity issues.

Karen B

"Teresa gave my whole family the perfect smile! After going through the trouble of using the messy and often painful whitening strips many times I am so glad to have found Teresa's smile lab in Lafayette last fall.

Teresa took the time to explain the safety of the process and I was glad to hear that this fast and pain free procedure does not bleach or harm the enamel of my teeth in any way.  It solely gets rid of the stains. I was very excited about the result and and decided to give the gift of a perfect smiles to my family for Christmas.  Teresa came to my home and since she is not only competent and knowledgeable in her work but also a smart and witty entertainer the evening turned into a party that ended with 5 brilliant and very happy smiles.

Thank you Teresa I look forward to the next party a few years down the road when our smiles need another lift!

Esther W

Such an amazing professional experience! Very impressed! Will definitely come back and refer family and friends.

Melinda F.

This really works! I can't believe the difference after an easy and quick 15 minutes! Amazing results, and I opted for a the second 15 minute procedure, stunning.  The owner Teresa , makes the time fly by (she is a very witty person), you walk out of there in 30 minutes with "Your Perfect Smile". What amazing results, my teeth are white, I can't believe it!

Jan S


...I absolutely loved the results my husband and I received while whitening our teeth at Teresa's quaint Lafayette office. I took my husband because he has had gum and tooth sensitivity to previous attempts at whitening processes. Teresa explained every step and it was exactly as advertised.... prompt, painless, and extremely effective. He lost 13 shades in the double session which took about 45 minutes.  I had very similar results and have tried every other system available. Nothing compares to this!

Laurie M.

I'm so happy with my results I wanted to share it on Yelp. I've never seen my teeth so white! The process is so quick and painless. Definitely a life changer!

Cassie S.

I did two appointments and they were awesome. The best part is a lot of whitening products I have used in the past have made my teeth sensitive but this did not and it whitened my teeth really well. Plus Teresa is so great and knowledgeable about the whole process. Definitely recommend :)

Ellen G.

925.826.6463    teresa_ypsmile@yahoo.com

101 Gregory Lane #25, Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523