Single Session Teeth Whitening

One 15 minute teeth whitening session. Approx. 30 minutes 

Double Session Teeth Whitening - 25% Off

One 30 minute teeth whitening session. Approx. 45 minutes.

Triple Session Teeth Whitening - 33%Off

One 45 minute teeth whitening session. Approx. 60 minutes each visit.

Touch Up Whitening Pen

Keep your smile bright until you come back for Your Perfect Smile. Touch Up Pen removes new stains

on top of enamel but does not remove deep staining.  Lasts about 6 months.

Group Teeth Whitening Session 25% off- Great for Bridal Groups,

Girls Night Out, Families

Five or more persons - Double session each. Approx. 45 minutes each.

This session can be mobile at your location. Call for details 925-826-6463.


Couples Session - 25% off - On 30 minute session each. Approx. 1.5 hours


Specialty -

Porcelain Crown Matching.  For teeth that are stained darker than crowns we are

able to remove the stains gradually to get an even color.





$99 ea.

$99 ea.


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